Coaching on Purpose

"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness." - Peter A. Levine

We journey together into a world where our words and language make a difference, they build worlds and recover lives. This conversation is important! I train coaches on an “on-demand” basis. I like to keep trainings small and personable. I also use a mentorship model to provide a team atmosphere for the unnerving task of launching a business. This isn’t an EASY course, and it is SIMPLE.

If you are looking for a new career, a refresher to your current one or to add this to an already dynamic practice, this is the course for you! The CORE TRAINING is 2 days long, and you are invited to stay for COACHING AWAKE and COACHING Living On Purpose- if you are interested in licensing my courses (Awake & LOP)

Prerequisites: Awake & LOP OR you are a HELPING PROFESSIONAL currently in practice, then the only prerequisite is Awake. I also encourage coaches already signed up to take Awake again prior to the training to refresh.

This is an application process, and if there is any reason I don’t think that the Coaching Program is for you, I will be direct and honest about that. Those learning the conversation from a professional practice will need to have a brief conversation with me just to be sure we are seeing the same vision for the development of self and practice.

This course is for anyone wanting to walk the path of the DIVINE WITNESS. Someone who understands the NATURE ad DYNAMICS of trauma and seeks to hold space for others to RISE to their PURPOSE in this lifetime.
Being a coach online and offline is a stellar way to earn a living, provide for a family with part time hours and full time money. The practice begins with developing the TRUE self in a beautiful way, paving the way to meeting a client where they are at in a conversation, disappearing chronic fear and self sabotage and elevating our clients to their TRUE STATUS – someone who has a DIVINE PURPOSE and who’s desire is to LIVE IT. This takes time, support and consistency from coaches.
This takes Common Purpose. If you are a coach, you will know it in your heart. This is a beautiful and respected practice despite being cutting edge transformation work, this course embraces the medicine we need NOW. The ability to build communities who know how to get along, and that happens one conversation at a time. A coach is someone who stands for an ELEVATED conversation and seeks to disappear EXCLUSION, SEPARATION and DIVISION of the self in a conversation.

Want to discuss with me? Book here and choose “CPE discovery session” here: 

I look forward to new faces and standing with the coaches I know are ready to pop waiting for the course 


Please share privately with any professionals you know who are struggling with BURN OUT in their practice, whether that is bureaucracy burn-out, general burn-out, or nervous system burn-out. This program and the Origin Healing for Helping Professionals program are PERFECT for those wanting to start a private practice outside of govt or service agencies, OR increasing their capacity at their current agency by using these effective strategies.

In Purposeful Service,