Origin Healing

Origin Healing has been a fundamental part of my recovery and wholistic health care system since I was in my mid 20s and was introduced to Ulrich Bold. Ulrich and I were fast friends, and while he was visiting and working with clients I was glued to his side. I watched him resolve dozens of constellations between 2006 and 2015. Ulrich trained me as an Astrologer in 2002, and I had always known I needed to learn Origin Healing. In January of 2015, I formally trained as an Origin Healing practitioner and have been practicing constantly ever since. This work is my language and my nature.

Origin Healing is a cognitive forgiveness therapy that has it’s Origins amongst indigenous healing circles – a space where we can witness each other’s pain and be supported while it moves through us as a community. In these circles, the “purge” or the one who is “expressing” is thanked for what they have been carrying for the ancestors and the group. They are given respect for the burdens and darkness that they have generously brought to the circle, and we all hold them in that respect, until we are strong again.

In June of 2017 I set out on a journey from which I have not yet recovered. I wanted to understand why Murdered and Missing women was happening. I didn’t understand it. What was this a symptom of? I set out on a journey of discovery with my students and clients at the time, and what was born in me is a National Movement. I walked away from that experience transformed. I saw everything newly … I saw my privilege … and I was depressed in thought, for about a year.

The vision is clear to me now. The First Nations can take this work to their communities and transform each other. Kitamaat Village is where we began. Meeting new faces and working in a church basement … I started to understand the First Nations people in a whole new way. I started to understand the difference between imposed religion and abuse and what trauma looks like after 60-80 years of continued abuse and trauma. It’s no wonder this is an overwhelming sector to work in. I have worked with many members of the Haisla community and am confident in the work I have done, and the plans to recover the nation, one client at a time. The most prominent concerns are domestic violence and rape, addiction, violence and suicide. I have watched this work LAND and TRANSFORM over and over again. I want to shout this work to the roof tops.

We are our way BACK FORWARD.

To honour my teacher, Ulrich, in all of his life’s work, I will be taking Origin Healing to the Nation in my lifetime. In my opinion, the First Nation shall go first. I have a strategy to create a results driven trauma model that can be fostered, used, and then built into the community itself, healing individuals with solidarity of purpose. I walk humbly with this medicine with a deep reverence and respect for the First Nations elders. My vision is to train this work and create self healing reserves …. Reserves that can deal with a trauma effectively and with good, sustainable results.

Our communities are as healthy as we are as leaders. This work gives us an opportunity to invite leaders to see THE WAY BACK FORWARD.

Origin Healing is a community group work that can be applied to the healing and resolution of anything. Everything is possible. <3

Because of my devotion to the First Nations people, and my commitment to the Haisla Nation, I hold ALL of my trainings there.

If you are a helping professional or someone interested in carrying this healing work to your community, please, let’s connect.

This course has recently been approved by the ICBOC – Indigenous Certification Board of Canada

This work is THE WAY <3