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Charis-Lynn Curtis, Evolutionary Astrologer
Charis-Lynn Curtis, Evolutionary Astrologer
Private Practice Offerings:

Astrology Reading
Discovery Session
Leadership Retreats/Training
Online Course Exploration – Discovery Calls
Origin Healing
Signature Sessions

My private practice is my service to the stars and the truths they hold above for us to understand ourselves here below.

My life seemed to be a series of unique views of the world, strange circumstances and even stranger assistance. I was difficult to understand and I was consistently inconsistent.

I learn differently, solved problems differently and carried both a raw distrust of the world around me along with a pair of rose coloured glasses that I used to justify trusting everyone.

My insides needed cyphering. When I was 21 I began studying Astrology, and three years later I met Ulrich Bold. Ulrich has mentored me throughout my career as an Evolutionary Astrologer, and more recently as an Origin Healing Practitioner. Together the two practices hold both the path to Purpose, also the resolution of what is in our way … most likely generational trauma, holdings or entanglements.

I am a practitioner you only need to see every few years to have your chart reviewed. Once we can see the obstacles of our lives through the lens of a soul desire or soul contract … suddenly everything has a context, and we move through.

Sift through my offerings and see which ones call to you!