Hire Charis to speak to your group if …..

  • You want to start a conversation about a Purposed focused life, partnership, team or organization.
  • You want to team build in an innovative, transformative way. You want results. You want a miracle.
  • You want a dynamic, animated and sobering speaker who says what everyone is thinking, with or without the F word
  • Someone died, and you have no words, and you want her to help you.
  • You’re getting married and you want your ceremony to be more Sacred and Real than any wedding you’ve ever had or been at, and you want her help.
  • You’re interested in Charis delivering one of her teachings at your retreat.

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Book a 15 minute Discovery Session for a complimentary phone chat. We’ll see where you are at and find what will work perfectly for you.