AWAKE Intensive

The promise of Awake is to have us see ourselves NEWLY, as THE ONE who creates our own life experience. As humans we fall into patterns, cycles and suffering that is optional.

All that is required is a curiosity to discover this for Ourselves.

In this 12 Day Intensive online course we are supported inside a powerful group coaching model – where generous sharing has us breakthrough the barriers currently keeping us from “having” what we TRULY want.

These teachings are practical, direct and efficient. The AWAKE experience has us living in the HEART, CONNECTED to a community who’s desire is to know ourselves AS OUR PURPOSE and creating our lives DAILY in alignment. This is the practice of LIVING AWAKE

During this program you will be given 8 SIMPLE TRUTHS to explore and try on throughout the 12 days. You will be added to a private Facebook group, this is a space for you to connect, share, and unlearn patterns that keep you from being you, the perfect, brilliant, creative, loving you. You will receive 8 simple truths that will be delivered in video and pdf format. You can take these teaches in, try them on, and see what you see, feel what you feel.

You will have a coach for 12 Days. Use us, we are here to support and encourage you throughout our time together.